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Photo Gallery: Peace Garden

Today I received a download basically stating that if I am truly ready for my life to ascend I need to embrace my true self fully and completely. I am ready to step fully and surrender completely. My Spiritual Name Destiny card from 3hofoundation came today.

I'm very blessed to have found a local Kundalini teacher, although it is said that Kundalini finds you. It is your spiritual, soul identity. It is challenging you to live in your highest consciousness.

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Making the choice to receive a spiritual name is taking a step toward leaving old patterns behind and connecting more deeply with your infinite self. Yogi Bhajan gave a spiritual name to anyone who requested one. That is the journey you have to travel. It sets the standard, the base.

Before you enter into this world, you are given a name, upon your arrival, Your Carnal Parents calls you another Before you die, the spiritual call is sent out while your spiritual name is being called HOME Get It???? My aunt once told me she will buss brass for her family I got it.. I understood what she meant More so, I know for a fact I have and will always wild out for my family. My name is all I have and what I value most I live by my name, I respect anything that I allow my name to be a part of GET IT? A veces es amor a primera vista y otras puede que te cueste un poco asimilar el mensaje que nos trae.

Por eso, ya puedes encontrar un nuevo servicio en mi tienda online: ilustraciones personalizadas de tu nombre espiritual. Un regalo para tu alma! Mind Body Liberation. FYI birthmom is very offensive! I hate being being called by the petname spiritualname given by my oppressors! I was never a birthmom I am a mother. Corfu Buddha Hall.

Singing my song.

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  5. Because of reasons I was silented in many ways by grown ups who didn't know better. When I was 17 something happend that silenced my singing completely and my voice turned harsh and tense. I often spoke with a hard and somewhat cold voice and my words were mostly sarcasm which really was disguised fear and supressed anger.

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    All of them actually. I played her records all the time. All day. All night. I felt held by her voice. And it poured into my body and being and all day we listened to the mantras my child and I. And slowly I started to sing again. Healing that painfull wound one mantra at a time. Because she radiance love and light to me when all I knew was pain and darkness. Because the mantras is sacred tools. Because I learned these tools to save myself. Today I sing and chant every day.

    And my life is light and love and bliss.

    Karam Kriya

    And I can't really tell - but I think that my voice is softer and more loving today. I was so moved by the beauty and love in the ceremony. And one really deep and dark wound inside me started to bleed almost instantly. It took me a while to figure out why I was crying and why my heart was hurting. Then I realized I would never dare to ask for it and that made me sad. So sad.

    I felt unworthy, egoistic and arrogant for wanting. But I also felt really deep inside that this is important. That receiving a spiritual name from my greatest healer. Max Art Modification studio. Lui scrive la storia di un uomo sul suo corpo.


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    Toulon, France. See How They Lie. Understand psychologicalconditioning in predatory pregnancycounseling which is exactly what happened to me when I was 17 dealing with corrupt bethanychristianservices thisisbethany still to this day the continue to reference me by their spiritualname they gave me birthmother.

    Tu nombre espiritual es tu destino designado, tu identidad celestial.

    Eso es todo lo que es. Voltando a andar Thoughtful yoni submission from a mysterious man called Shalabansi.

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    So blessed to become my spiritual name. What a powerful, an enlightening and my inner self, my self view changing name. Every day I become more Tej Devprija Kaur! Each body has specific gifts that develop when strong and a certain lack that can surface when weak. The starting point of disease begins first in one of these bodies and will eventually manifest outwardly. When we begin to understand the dynamics of the ten bodies and strengthen them, we can then begin to heal.

    Tour Schedule: Where In The World Is Guru Jagat?

    What you will learn in this course The ten weeks will cover each Body with a specific Kriya yoga set for each body, with an explanation of each togive you deeper insight into the meaning of each body. Numerology, which is deeply linked to the bodies, will betouched upon as it can help you discover your strengths and weaknesses.

    When you function in a balanced manner through these 10 Bodies it can bring success, healing and a deeperconnection to who you are. This will be the objective over these 10 weeks. The Ten Bodies are : 1. Soul Body. Negative mental protective Mind.