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Neptune dissolves boundaries that separate us from the whole cosmos. Therefore, in spite of a certain amount of integration, we react with fear of losing control, due to chart functions manifesting in a distorted way. Its cycle takes 29 years and the path through the different houses enables us to forecast experiences that could take place in different areas of our lives and therefore integrate higher level of its energy. Comparing charts, we can observe various possibilities of the manifestation of this precise energy that enables us to get into contact with structure, self-support and therefore freedom.

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This lecture presents new research into the rarity of certain aspects and configurations. It demonstrates how these warrant a special slant on the normal standard interpretation.

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Special people have special charts and deserve special consultations. How uncommon and exceptional is your birth chart? Sun Signs makes astrology visible for the millions.

But is it "real" astrology? And what are the responsibilities of a Sun Sign astrologer?

Time Lords in Hellenistic Astrology

What are the techniques used? What should you charge? Meeting the popular demands of the media and still respecting the interpretational limitations of Sun Sign astrology is a difficult balancing act and raises the BIG question: Should professional astrologers be doing Sun Signs at all?

The intrinsic needs of the chart to be understood and seen by other people is intimately linked to the experiences we end up having when relating to other people in any social context.

This lecture combines astrology and the worldview of the Danish philosopher Soeren Kierkegaard. Our focus is on collective patterns and the upcoming Uranus-Pluto square. This lecture will demonstrate the use of transits and progressions in anticipating the likely price movement of any stock. It assumes little to no experience with Financial Astrology. The venue offers excellent facilities, accommodation and dining.


Astrology phd thesis

Further information and directions to the venue can be found on the AA Website at www. Please contact the office for details. Anyone who would like to share a taxi from Northampton or Rugby train stations, please get in touch with the office and we will try to match you with others arriving at the same time. If you wish to advertise in the souvenir conference programme and would like to enquire about prices and further details, please contact Chris Mitchell at chris bristolastrology.

If so, please contact James Brockbank with your details at silentauction astrologicalassociation. We look forward to seeing his ideas for the Journal, which includes a possible change in size. Members are invited to view samples of the proposed size and layout on the AA Website at www.

We would very much like to receive your feedback on this, so please remember to take a look. John will also be available at this year's anniversary conference and looks forward to discussing his ideas with you there. As you will be aware from the editorial page in the Astrological Journal, we are sorry to be saying goodbye to Gerasime Patilas, who has done an incredible job editing the Journal over the last eight years.

Astrological Events

Gerasime has been an enormous pleasure to work with and has consistently and conscientiously produced top quality journals, for which we are extremely grateful. We would like to thank him on behalf of the Association for all his hard work above and beyond the call of duty and wish him all the best with his future ventures. The conference is a forum for research in astrology in the humanities and social sciences, with speakers and discussion.